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Case History Collection is the most important session in treatment process.

Our skilled psychiatrist in Chennai meets with you and your family during this session to learn more about you as a person, the difficulties you are experiencing, the setting in which you live, and your physical and psychological health issues.

Pharmacotherapy for any physical and psychological recovery of an individual.

Antipsychotic, antidepressant, and anti-anxiety medications are provided to you based on the nature of your sickness and problems. The purpose of distributing these drugs is to make you feel less stressed and to put you in a mental state that will allow for a full recovery.

Psychometric Assessment to understand your psychological problems.

Everyone who requires psychological intervention receives it. Children and adults are given a variety of tests to determine their emotional and cognitive intelligence. Additionally, it is utilised to determine your personality and brain health.

Mindfulness Based Therapy is a treatment strategy that combines cognitive therapy with a mindfulness routine.

The ability to analyse emotions and respond appropriately to them is made easier by the person's enhanced awareness.
This method has been demonstrated to be effective in treating long-term psychiatric problems like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Behavioral Therapy is used to treat your negative behaviors

In fact, it aids in the reinforcement of fresh positive habits. This therapy involves conditioning your mind using a variety of techniques, including classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Following are a few of the methods we employ frequently


Patients Review

Patient feedback and reviews are an important part of the our healthcare system

I've been there for my therapy sessions, and it was an amazing experience I must say, the patients, knowledge, and kindness they shows, that's really admirable

Meghna Kar


The way of dealing a patient with patience is unremarkable and amazing here. The members here are very much helpful and friendly. It is highly recommended for all those who are in need of counselling and well-being to atleast visit or contact Veera's psychiatry once. They all are experienced and dedicated. Thanks to Rajalakshmi Ma'am that I am doing well and good with her constant guidance, encouragement and moral support.